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November 18, 2020 2 min read 1 Comment

You may have noticed we have several sabers that can be a "ProffieBoard and Pixel Blade" version. Just what is that? Glad you asked!

Each lightsaber needs both a soundboard and LEDs to drive the beautiful colors of the blades. In a base-lit saber (our RGB Eco Smooth Swing equipped sabers) there is an LED inside the hilt that shoots light up into a polycarbonate blade. The benefits of this are it's lightweight, doesn't draw much battery power, and the blades are easily replaced when damaged. 

On a pixel blade (ProffieBoard & Pixel Blade sabers), the LEDS are all throughout the blade itself. The benefit of this is you can produce amazing effects like in the movies such as scrolling ignition, flames, spot specific blaster deflects, and more. They are also extremely bright even in the daytime. The downside is they draw battery juice faster and they are heavier. If they do break, they can be a pain to pull the internals out and put them into a new blade (they are housed in a heavy grade blade, so this isn't likely to happen). 

So that explains the lights and blades, but what about soundboards? The ProffieBoard is one of the best soundboards on the market for lightsabers because it produces amazing sounds, can be loaded with custom fonts (themes) and effects, and has a very impressive smooth swing algorithm (sounds like the sabers in the movies when moved around and swung). In addition, it can be hooked up to your PC and programmed in various ways (this is not for beginners, study is required but it's not overly difficult).  The proffieboard also drives the pixel blade and delivers the amazing effects. It's open source so there is a wide community that provides both effects and sounds as well as tutorials on how to install them and change other settings. 

So overall the benefit to ProffieBoard equipped sabers are movie-like (extremely accurate!) effects and sounds, and the ability to update them with new sounds/themes/effects and customize them as you like. They look and sound like the "real thing" more so than the base lit/RGB Eco Swing sabers (which already do a great job of looking like the real thing). 

So if you're on the fence about the upgrade, I would recommend the ProffieBoard sabers to those who are serious about collecting lightsabers, or cosplayers who want the absolute best looking saber (the blade looks real in pictures even in daylight), or for those of you who want an authentic lightsaber experience just short of losing a limb!

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Danny Horiuchi
Danny Horiuchi

March 05, 2021

I believe you sent me a tutorial on how to work the Proffieboard/Pixel Blade button, I was wondering if you can send that again. When I push the button I hear the different quick Jedi/Sith voices and music soundtrack, then finally it lights up a different color from the last time I tried it. I’m I doing this correctly?
Thank you

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