Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Got a question? Start here first! If you don't see your question or want further insight, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Q: Can I duel with your lightsabers?

A: Yes, all of our lightsabers are duel-worthy. Most sabers can withstand hard dueling against an armored opponent.

The Sabers with “thin necks” like the Sage, Hero sabers, The Elegant etc should be dueled hard with caution, and I don’t recommend hard dueling against armored opponents. Their emitters are more shallow, so the blades don't have as much surface contact as the other sabers. This can lead to wobbly blades if duel too hard, and the thin necks can bend/break if dueled extremely hard. 

All the sabers have strong internal chassis that hold the battery, soundboard and in most cases, the LED as well. 

By request we can upgrade your saber to a Heavy Grade blade. But please note: They are NOT TOYS. They are extremely hard and rigid blades that do not flex and can break bones. Not recommended unless you'll be wearing full body armor and gloves. Neopixel blades are heavy grade as well (3mm thick wall, standard blades are 2mm thick). 

Q: What's your warranty cover?

A: We stand behind the design and quality of our lightsabers and want your saber to last a lifetime of fun.  

We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our lightsabers to be free from defects or build errors. If you have any problems with your lightsaber, contact us right away so we can assist you! We also warranty most for hard dueling. If it breaks then we fix/replace it! Thin neck sabers are covered for hard dueling but excessive force can break them so use caution, and repeated broken thin neck from hard dueling won’t be covered - but we will replace at our cost. Speaking of at cost:

Even if you're out of warranty or something happens to your saber that we wouldn't normally cover - reach out! We want you to enjoy your lightsabers without worry. We will in most cases repair your out-of-warranty/not covered lightsaber at our cost. we call this “Free support for life!” 


Q: How soon does my lightsaber ship?

A: Our current lead time depends on inventory. If we have it at our Kentucky location, then you can expect to receive the lightsaber in about a week or less.

If it's not stocked locally, then delivery is about 8-14 days from our factories.   

Free shipping to USA and many other countries. (If it's not free, you'll see your shipping charge at checkout.) 

If you need a saber ASAP,  then please contact us to find out if the saber you'd like is available at our Kentucky location currently, and we will help you find something comparable that we can ship from Kentucky if your first choice is not available for fast shipping. 

Q: What are blade plugs? Does my lightsaber come with one?

A: The LED lights in our lightsabers are BRIGHT! Sometimes you'll want to remove your blade so you can wear your hilt or set it on a stand for display.

When playing with a bladeless hilt, the LED shines very bright and can hurt your or bystander's eyes. Blade plugs are short polycarbonate plugs made similar to blades, but have a design/gizmos on the end to make it look like a real lightsaber. When they light up, they make very cool effects!

They also help keep dust and other objects from entering the emitter hole.

These can be added for purchase from the Accessories section. These are also bundled free with Master Series lightsabers and some select Lightsaber Bundle deals (look in menu at top left - sabers - bundle deals).

Neopixel lightsabers also have LEDs at the base, so they too light up blade plugs. 

Q: Do some sabers come with a long black locking case? 

A: Most Master Series lightsabers come with this case for free, along with a lightsaber stand and blade plug. Due to shipping costs, One case per 3 sabers is provided, and we do not warranty the free cases (rarely, some shipping scuffs and bumps occur). If you purchase the case from our accessories section, that will be warrantied, only the free ones are not warrantied. 

Q: Do you have an instruction guide?

A: All of our sabers ship with instructions. However we have a comprehensive Instruction Manual available online that covers all aspects of owning a lightsaber:  

 Rebel Sabers Lightsaber Manual

Q: What if I need a refund or want to make an exchange?

A: No problem! Check out our Refund Policy