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Holiday Sales Event has Arrived!
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Holiday Sales Event has Arrived!

Holiday Sales Event is upon us! Save 10% store-wide on all our march, including the bundle packages - those are an outstanding deal now, since they are already nicely discounted.

In addition, I must report that we have been invaded by elves! It's true, but please don't worry, these mischievous minuscule merry men are all about the giving spirit, and have been putting extras into the packages!
ALL Rebels will get mystery grab bags in their orders - this could be blade plugs, stands, cover tech clips and wheels, and some extra lucky Rebels will get ultimate grab bags like a free saber or a Xeno Saber Core upgrade or gift cards!  So have you been naughty or nice? Maybe the elves will have a little something extra for you this year in your Rebel Sabers package. 

Finally, as with all our annual events, we try to bring the FUN! Join us all weekend long on Facebook and Instagram for your chance to win Sabers, Gift Cards, and more! We run several contests, giveaways and games that give our customers chances to not only win prizes, but to help us make Rebel Sabers the best Lightsabers in the Galaxy. Your name might be chosen for a new Lightsaber model, and you'll not only win that saber, but your chosen name will be for all to see in the Lightsaber's product page. 

This year we plan to do a Saber Sketch contest - one white piece of paper, one pencil, one saber. Draw a saber, and vote on your favorites. Out of the top most voted we will pick some models to produce, and the ones chosen will get to name their saber and get the first one made, and have a lifetime discount on further purchases of that saber (for friends and family to enjoy your creativity). 

We have some other fun and games planned, so be sure to check in throughout the weekend on FB and IG! We hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays to all, and May the Force be with you, always. 

10 comments on Holiday Sales Event has Arrived!

  • Jerome
    JeromeNovember 01, 2022

    I recently purchased your Classic Hero Lightsaber and I am very, very Happy with it, and I was also pleasantly surprised by all of the extras that were included with my order. A blade plug and a stand, as well as an extra switch plate, screws, etc. You guys are Awesome!

  • Darth Younglings
    Darth YounglingsDecember 01, 2021

    Did yall post the winner of the sabers design contest? Sorry about stupid question, can’t access facebook currently.

  • Beka

    This is a great site with amazing deals. Last year I bought a bundle pack for my husband and I, rather than buying one while we were in the WDW park. Unlike the reviews of the ones at the park, these are amazing. They are durable, have more color choices in blades and variety in hilts. Really love the two we got and hope to get more this holiday season.

  • Stephen
    StephenNovember 27, 2021

    I’ve tried all kinds of saber companies and this one is by the far the BEST out there. All I ever wish is that I could buy more and more and more of them. The deals and contests are so much fun. You can tell this company cares for their products and customers. These are the only sabers I’ll ever buy.

  • Phil

    I’ve always wanted a lightsaber since I was a kid and finally starting my own collection. I’ve ordered from Amazon, Custom Sabers, Crimson Dawn, Korbanth, and Rebel sabers. I am loving the custom and replica neopixel sabers! Can’t wait for the most recent orders!

    Thank you, Rebel Sabers!

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