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Rebel Sabers
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Rebel Saber YouTube Reviews!
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Rebel Saber YouTube Reviews!

Rebel Sabers Reviews & Unboxings

These videos are a great way to see the sabers in action and hear what your fellow shoppers have to say about them. Please keep in mind we have been selling lightsabers since 2019 and some older videos show outdated electronics that have been upgraded since, so more recent videos will show things like Bluetooth operation, new features, etc. 

Rebel Sabers Reviews & Unboxings Playlist


If you have a video that we haven't seen/added let us know! (Click on Message Us in the lower right corner). 

1 comment on Rebel Saber YouTube Reviews!

  • James Rainsford
    James RainsfordJanuary 27, 2021

    hello, I am from uk and am wondering if I should get my lightsaber from the uk or usa. I saw your website and wanted to know how bright your normal rgb sabers are. I would really like to have a neopixel but they are a fair bit more money. Do you get the vader and kylo ren sounds on the normal soundboard or is this only with the neopixel sabers? Also, do the leds in the rgb blades give a well balanced light through the who blade?

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