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OCT 2020 Update: We're not so new anymore, and have quite a few YouTube reviews and unboxings now! So many that I can't keep this up to date. So please check out our Rebel Sabers Youtube channel where I save all these reviews in one awesome playlist. I check on new videos every couple weeks, so this will remain updated. If you have a video that I haven't seen/added let me know! (Click on Message Us in the lower right corner). 

Rebel Sabers Reviews & Unboxings Playlist


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We are fairly new but as our sabers starts to get into the hands of our customers, some have begun making video reviews! We will showcase these reviews here:

Galactic Force Media has some great videos, the first is their info-filled review and the second they test out the sabers for their duel-ability and toughness, and these were all sabers they purchased themselves and decided on their own to review:

Galactic Force Media RS Dark vs Light Review

GFM puts Rebel Sabers to the test!

I loved their videos so much, I sent them a Hidden Hope to review. I did give it to them, but asked for an honest review: GFM reviews Rebel Saber's Hidden Hope Leia Saber


Sam and his brother do an unboxing and get down with some dueling in this enthusiasm filled video: Rebel Sabers unboxing and dueling 


DJ Garcia Ray also gets in on the unboxing action:  Rebel Sabers Quicksilver Unboxing


REBEL SABERS - Samurai's Pride Unboxing


The Finger Family has some fun dueling with some Rebel Sabers



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James Rainsford
James Rainsford

January 27, 2021

hello, I am from uk and am wondering if I should get my lightsaber from the uk or usa. I saw your website and wanted to know how bright your normal rgb sabers are. I would really like to have a neopixel but they are a fair bit more money. Do you get the vader and kylo ren sounds on the normal soundboard or is this only with the neopixel sabers? Also, do the leds in the rgb blades give a well balanced light through the who blade?

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