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Common Scams of Questionable Lightsaber Companies
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Common Scams of Questionable Lightsaber Companies

Hello there, Rebels!

We've observed a concerning trend among some Lightsaber companies lately, ranging from dubious practices to outright scams. Unfortunately, many customers have approached us after negative experiences with such companies. Thus, we feel compelled to shine a light on these deceitful tactics and scams, hoping to prevent anyone from becoming a victim of these hives of scum and villainy. We urge you to familiarize yourself with these common scams, enabling you to shop wisely and safeguard your wallet.

Buy One, Get One Free

At first glance, this offer appears enticing, playing precisely into the deceptive strategies of these companies. They mislead customers by inflating prices or manipulating costs to make it seem like you're getting a deal when, in reality, you're not. For instance, a "Buy one, get one free" deal priced at $200 might seem like a bargain for two $200 sabers. However, these are often just $100 sabers marked up to create the illusion of a deal. Without knowledge of typical pricing, one might believe the company has their best interests at heart—a misconception these businesses exploit to their advantage. This lack of integrity is both disgraceful and dishonorable.

Before falling for a "Buy one, get one free" offer, compare prices with other vendors. Often, the supposed deal is merely an illusion, a deceptive tactic to boost sales.

At Rebel Sabers, we steer clear of such promotions, as they don't align with our values and we price our lightsabers fairly. While we offer bundle deals and legitimate discounts, we advise skepticism towards offers that seem too good to be true.

50% Off!

Beware of companies that perpetually advertise significant discounts, such as 50% off. This is frequently a clever play on numbers, where the original price is inflated to later offer a "discount" that simply brings the price down to its regular level. Authentic lightsaber sellers might offer substantial discounts for inventory clearance, but these are typically brief and infrequent. Continuous sales raise questions about the product's actual value and the company's integrity. Legitimate businesses cannot sustain constant 50% discounts without inflating their prices considerably.

Rebel Sabers has fair discount sales several times throughout the year (May the 4th, July 4th, usually a Fall sale, and Black Friday-Cyber Monday), and we do flash offers and giveaways during these sales as well - but we won't be offering "too good to be true" discounts unless we are moving inventory of an old design. 

Misrepresentation of Lightsaber You'll Receive

The most disreputable vendors showcase attractive lightsabers online but deliver substandard products, exploiting customers' reluctance or inability to contest the charges. Sending low-quality or damaged items, or products that differ significantly from what was advertised, is a common scam. "Plastic dollar store lightsaber" is often the preferred junk they send, but it also might be a cheap knock-off of the saber they display on their shop. 

Rebel Sabers will send you exactly what you see, made from aircraft grade aluminum and other metals, and near indestructible poly-carbonate blades. Quality lightsabers that will last a lifetime. 

Delayed Orders

Some sellers repeatedly delay shipping, betting that customers will eventually give up or lose the ability to dispute the charges. While there are reputable builders with long lead times, they are upfront and transparent about the wait and well known in the community. 

Rebel Sabers delivery times are always listed in our FAQ, and we update the times on our FAQ as well as our confirmation emails if there is going to be a delay. Sabers arrive in 5-14 days, depending on stock. 

Dubious Warranties

Untrustworthy companies may offer ineffective warranties or complicate the repair process to discourage customers from pursuing fixes. Investigate a company's reputation through reliable review sites such as TrustPilot or their social media feedback. A lack of reviews or the inability to post them on platforms like Facebook is a significant warning sign. 

Rebel Sabers has a 1-year Dueling Warranty that covers your entire saber, even if it breaks while dueling. We also offer at-cost repairs after your warranty expires! We want our customers to have worry-free lightsaber shenanigans for life!

Fake Reviews

Be wary of companies that fabricate reviews or boast about unverified accolades. Authentic reviews are typically available through recognized platforms like TrustPilot or Facebook. Scrutinize negative feedback to discern the company's reliability and response to issues. A few bad reviews are not necessarily a red flag - mistakes happen. How does the company respond to them? Do they make it right? That's what is important.

Rebel Sabers utilizes TrustPilot for honest feedback and reviews, as well as our Facebook page. We accept all feedback positive and negative and strive to assist all our customers to have a happy transaction. We hope our customers stick with us for life, and earnestly work to earn that trust.

Infringing on Intellectual Property

Using Disney's intellectual property or trademarks without authorization is illegal and indicates a company's willingness to deceive customers for profit. It might not seem like a big deal to use pictures of Star Wars characters - however these companies are hoping you'll think they are officially licensed by Disney by doing this. To us that spells SHADY and is manipulating their customers for money. Shameful display. 

Rebel Sabers does not use these images in our ads or lightsaber pages - we love Star Wars and the worlds Lucas has created and honor this creativity by not stealing their work. We also respect our customers and don't insult their intelligence by trying to trick them into thinking we are authorized by Disney. 

Multiple Business Names

Some companies adopt various names or frequently change their identity to evade accountability. This tactic is a red flag indicating a lack of business integrity.

At Rebel Sabers, we prioritize transparency, honesty, and respect for our customers. Companies engaging in deceitful practices do not deserve your business or attention. A reputable company values product quality and customer satisfaction over deceit and manipulation.

We hope this information helps protect you and our community from unscrupulous vendors intent on exploiting enthusiastic fans.

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  • Starwalker's Museum Of Ancient Lightsaber Lore
    Starwalker's Museum Of Ancient Lightsaber Lore March 07, 2024

    This is very informative. I was unaware of this point of view. Thank you for providing the information.

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