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Labor Day Sales Event Information
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Labor Day Sales Event Information

Greetings and Salutations Rebels!

Now through Monday night our sales event discounts all sabers 10% off AND you get a FREE lightsaber stand or blade plug - just indicate which you'd like on the notes section of your cart (upper right hand corner, after you add an item to your cart).. 

In addicting, we have several new models being added to the store for the event, including some amazing sabers from Rebels! (We just had to do that, of course...)

Finally, we'll have some contests going on Facebook and Instagram as usual, so be sure to stop by throughout the weekend to see what kinds of things you can try to win. Currently we have a renaming contest for Qui Gon Jinn's saber - so get over there and suggest a name and vote on your favorites! The most votes wins and the winner gets the saber for freeeeeee (cue Adam Sandler)

Also don't forget that we now offer INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS! You'll get your Lightsaber shipped as if you bought it in full - you just get the convenience of paying in 4 installments instead! 

We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and bid farewell to summer in style. 

May the Force be with you all, always...

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