About RS

Rebel Sabers started out as a project to bring tough duel-worthy lightsabers to my saber club students at affordable prices.

I run a martial arts academy, and when we added saber classes into the mix, we were overwhelmed at the choices and costs involved. As a life-long Star Wars fan who has worked in the industry (I worked with Lucas Arts in development of Star Wars Galaxies) I want my lightsaber to be, well, a lightsaber! It needs to flash on clash, it needs the sounds and effects, and it needs to be tough because I'm also a grown up Star Wars fan who wants to fight my friends and not worry about something breaking. 

Today my partners and I present Rebel Sabers to you, and I'm honored to bring these awesome sabers to fans everywhere. I'm confident they'll bring you many years of joy and fun. And because we're fans too - we've got your back! We give you a one year warranty and in most cases, will help you out even if it's out of warranty. 

Please browse our collection of lightsabers and discover yours! If you need any help or suggestions, don't hesitate to get in contact via Facebook, Email or click on MESSAGE US in the lower right! We love questions!

Many thanks for visiting Rebel Sabers.

-Will Figgins, Owner.