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What's in the Box?

Rebel Sabers delivers your Lightsaber with everything you need to begin your new lightsaber adventures:

  • Lightsaber installed with Core & Battery
  • Polycarbonate Blade
  • Rebel Sabers USB Charging Brick
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Manual
  • Blade Retention Screws & Tool
  • SD Card Reader (PixelBlade Sabers)
1-Year Dueling Warranty

These are built for combat and we guarantee it with our 1-year hard dueling warranty. We've got your back for lightsaber shenanigans!

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Don't fear Buyer's Remorse with our exchange program - wish you bought another saber? No worries - exchange it for the one you want!

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“An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.”

What are Neopixel Lightsabers?

Lightsabers are catagorized by the type of blade they use.

The term Neopixel is often used to describe lightsabers that have the LEDs inside the blade, and can light up the whole blade.

Base-lit is where the LEDs are inside the hilt of the lightsaber, instead of the blade, and the light is projected up into the hollow blade.

They come with our ProffieBoard equipped sabers, as well as our Xeno3 PixelBlade equipped sabers.

Our neopixel and base-lit blades are guaranteed for one year of hard dueling, if they somehow break - we replace!

What are a the Pros and Cons of a Neopixel vs a Base-Lit lightsaber?

Understanding the benefits and the downsides of a neopixel equipped lightsaber is important to making an informed purchase.

The main benefits are extremely bright blades that are uniform across the whole blade, and the ability for the blade to perform special effects such as flames, flickerings, location specific blaster deflects, etc.

These blades look like they have been plucked from the movies and put directly into your hands. If you want the most flashy, movie-magic effects possible, then neopixel lightsabers are the choice for you!

The main downsides to neo pixel lightsabers is the weight of the blade, and battery drain.

The neopixel strips are housed inside a thick 3mm blade, so the blade itself weights more - and over 100 LEDs throughout the blade as well add weight.

The biggest downside however is the battery drain. With a base-lit lightsaber you'll get a few hours of play time on a charge. With a neo saber the battery charge is signifigantly decreased - about 45 minutes of playtime per charge.

  • Neopixel lightsabers look like the movies, and can do spectacular blade effects.
  • They have advanced core features such as programmability, adding new sounds, changing installed fonts, adding/changing effects.
  • The downside is increased blade weight and less play time per battery charge.

Benefits of a base-lit blade:

  • Much longer play time per charge
  • More affordable
  • Less weight

The downsides to a base-lit blade:

  • Not quite uniform coloring of the blade
  • Less bright blade
  • Blade effects are more simplified
  • No programmable core features

What goes into our lightsabers?

Often our customers want to know a bit more about the "forging process" for our lightsabers. These are wonderful pieces of art and often the final step of becoming a Jedi was to build your own lightsaber, so it makes sense we get this question quite often. Let’s illuminate the subject:

We start with aircraft grade aluminum and other quality metals - light and strong is the key!

Each piece is formed with care and precision. Be it recreating a classic lightsaber loved by all, or a new design custom to Rebel Sabers, we have to make sure each piece is flawless.

Once we have the saber formed, we finish with various types of coatings such as electroplating, powder coats, weathering, and other methods to produce quality finishes that will capture the imagination and provide years of battleing fun.

Once the hilt is formed, the movie-magic must be installed within.

Our Lightsaber cores come in base-lit or neopixel options. The core is the heart of the lightsaber and brings it to life and powers the blade. Each of our cores are built to fit exactly within the hilt for a snug, rattle free experience. Both Neopixel and Base-Lit feature similar effects such as:

  • Blaster Block
  • Flash on Clash
  • Smooth Swing
  • Infinite Blade Colors
  • Tons of sound font profiles
  • Bluetooth controls - connect to your phone to control your lightsaber!
  • PC Programmable
  • Sound Controls and Mute
  • In-Hilt Rechargable battery
  • All Rebel Saber Lightsabers come with a Rebel Sabers USB Charging brick.
  • PixelBlade (neopixel) sabers come with an equipped SD card.
  • Each lightsaber comes with a polycarbonate blade that can be removed so you can wear your saber/display it on a stand.

    Neopixel Lightsabers also have extra features beyond the base-lit cores and the effects are more spectacular and immersive.

    If you're unsure which lightsaber core fits your needs, see the above Pros and Cons of the Neopixel sabers.

If you're still not sure - contact us!
We love to assist in finding the saber that fits your needs!

Who loves Rebel Sabers Lightsabers?

Children - Cosplayers - Comic Con Fans - Collectors - Duelists - The Saber Legion!

Cosplay customers take their craft very seriously, and our quality and realistic lightsabers bring that magic touch to their well crafted and brilliantly displayed works.

We love seeing our lightsabers show up on TikTok/IG/Youtube and we especially see lots of fun cosplays when we attend cons.

Duelists love Rebel Sabers! We work hand in hand with The Saber Legion to develop sabers and parts they can rely on, and if there is failure, quick and easy replacement.

We offer a 1-year Hard Dueling warranty on our sabers - if it fails, we won't fail you in replacing the item.

Last but not least, children of all ages love lightsabers and ours will provide years of quality fun!

If you need any assistance choosing a lightsaber for yourself or a loved one, please reach out: Contact Us

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