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Tips on picking out your lightsaber.

Picking out your lightsaber is an exciting part of the lightsaber hobby. Finding that saber hilt that resonates with you is half the fun of ownership! Here's a few tips on finding the perfect fit:

Consider your usage. Are you looking for a fancy toy or a nice decoration? Are you a cosplayer? Do you want to duel? Are you more into the choreography and making videos? Maybe you're interested in all of that and more - consider how you plan on using your lightsaber, and that will help you to narrow down your search.

If it's a toy or display piece you seek, then how it looks should be your main goal. From the heartiest dueler to the fanciest Master series any saber will work as a display piece or a toy to wield against the darkness. Pick the one that speaks to you! 

If you're looking to do some dueling, then consider smoother hilts. Control boxes and bunny ears all look great and summon those classic lightsaber feels, but when you're fending of furious strikes from a crafty opponent, you don't want that control box digging into your hand. The plainer and sleeker a hilt is, the better for heavy dueling. If you're just light or medium dueling, then you can probably get away with gizmos on the hilt.  

Also as a Dueler, if sound isn't something you'll need, consider a Stunt Lightsaber. Those have no sound, and are a bit cheaper and can save you a few bucks... that you can spend on a sweet blade plug! 

If you're a cosplayer and don't plan to clash blades hard, consider a Neopixel blade. These blades are gorgeous and bright, and even more interesting is the special effects you can do with them. For example, when igniting a blade with a Neopixel, the light saber extends from hilt to tip like in the movies. You can make your blade ripple with raw power, and all sorts of amazing effects! They will take light dueling but caution should be considered and an in-hilt LED is recommended for any medium or hard dueling. 

If you plan on making videos, consider choosing sabers with special effects such as Flash on Clash and Lock-up. These used with good choreography will make a much more cinematic experience! Neopixel blades, again, are an excellent choice for special effects!

On the more technical side, you should consider features such as internal chassis for the elctronics, Blade Color systems, and sound fonts. Most beginner lightsabers on the market come with 1 sound font and 1 saber color and quite often no internal chassis protecting the electronics. More sounds, RGB color changing blades and internal chassis for durability all cost more, so take that into consideration when choosing your lightsaber.  

Finally consider the Warranty. What kind of protection does your lightsaber have when things go wrong? Does the manufacturer stand behind what they are buildilng? At Rebel Sabers we stand behind our products - all of our lightsabers have a 1-year warranty against defects. If you have any problems with our sabers, contact us right away so we can help!

I hope that helps you figure out which lightsaber will be your perfect fit! If you're confounded and need some help or advice, don't hesitate to contact us! We love questions and enjoy sharing our love of lightsabers with our customers.

Whether you're a rebel or lean towards the darkside, Rebel Sabers has a saber for your style and budget! We stand behind all our products and our customers, we know you'll love your new Lightsaber!

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IDK bro.
Sub to odd1sout ok!??
And bombastic

Brayden Mellow calendar_today

How do I change the color on my lightsaber

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