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Rebel Sabers
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NEW at RS - Mystery Boxes! UPDATE 4/13/20
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NEW at RS - Mystery Boxes! UPDATE 4/13/20

UPDATE: We will be offering Mystery Boxes again beginning in May. New options, more sabers, and faster shipping all coming to our Mystery Boxes!


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Rebel Sabers has a mystery box! For $100 (+$5 for Canada peeps) you'll receive a mystery saber from our Apprentice Series with a small chance at a Knight Series saber. This is a fun way to get a nice saber at a great discount! 

A few things - we want everyone to have fun with this box, so if there's a certain hilt color that would ruin your day if you opened up the box to see, well that's no fun. So if you order one (or two!) boxes, contact us and specify "I'd really prefer no blue hilts".  Still, the name of the game is MYSTERY so you can't be too picky. We'll let you discount a couple colors but if you want to boot most of the rainbow then perhaps a mystery is not in your future, we recommend you hand picking the saber that calls your name. 

Also if you order two or three boxes at once, then your boxes will not have the same lightsaber models unless you specifically want that situation, then again, just ask. 

And as always, any questions about our mystery boxes or anything else, contact us!

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