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May the Fourth be with you!

May the Fourth be with you!

Thank you for joining us on this fun day! We try to make the most of this day at Rebel Sabers, so here's what we got going on this year:


Store Giveaway: Any purchase of a Lightsaber today enters you into our store giveaway. This years prize is a hand made, rare pet and companion! These soft and fuzzy felines are fully pose-able, fully cute, and ready to adorn a spot in your home with their charm. If I've avoided naming these friendly furry fuzzballs its because they have no name yet! Our first Facebook contest of the day is providing these sweet softies a proper name, and the winner of that also wins one of these fluffy floofs


Newsletter Giveaway - All subscribers of the newsletter are automatically entered! So be sure to subscribe to be entered into a chance at wining one of our new lightsaber models we will be announcing today! 


Speaking of... New Lightsabers!! We have several new designs to debut this year and usually we have contests around this, which leads me to...


Contests! On our social media (Facebook & Instagram) we will be running some contests today that don't require any purchase to enter. The first one is already up, as mentioned - name our new cuddly critters. We will have more as the day proceeds, so be sure to visit our social media sites to join in on the fun!


May the Fourth be with you, always!

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K. m. calendar_today

I Hope to see the Tuuka Cats back, and more possible creatures, i’d buy one immediately, following other purchases. the Star Wars universe needs more creatures brought to life!

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