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What a day! May the 4th was a blast!
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What a day! May the 4th was a blast!

Thanks to ALL of you for making this day such a great time. We had record participation in all our contests and giveaways and everyone was super creative with their suggestions! In addition to the giveaways and contests, many of you took advantage of our 10% sale today and snagged up some of our new lightsaber models. 

Here's a recap of today's giveaway and contest winners:

First winner of the day went to Meredith Wylie-Kindle for her choice in the naming of our Katano saber. She won one for herself! Congrats Meredith!


Next winner was for the naming of our fuzzy floofs we are adding to the store. These hand made balls of joy and mischief will hit the store in the near future, and thanks to Sean Crowne, will be known as Tuuka Cats! This name honors the original species, but even more, the original source of the name (Filoni's pet cat).


In addition to those giveaways, we also had a drawing for all newsletter subscribers. If you are subscribed to the newsletter, you were automatically entered! Congrats to Cole Oyler for wining one of the new models to debut today, the Reaver! 


The final giveaway is the "store giveaway" - if you purchased a lightsaber during the may the 4th event, you were automatically entered into the drawing for the store giveaway. The prize for this giveaway is a Tuuka Cat!

We will have to wait until morning to do this drawing, as we are still allowing the sale to go until midnight Pacific time. So as of this posting, there is still about an hour and a half to get into this drawing - any lightsaber purchase gets you entered!  The Tuuka Cats are hand crafted with care, and will retail about $200, so this is a big contest! Don't miss out!


Once again, the Rebel Sabers family is beyond thankful for our customers. We appreciate you! Thanks for making Star Wars Day 2021 one to remember! 


                                   May the Fourth be With You, Always...

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