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1st Lightsaber Giveaway Contest Entry
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1st Lightsaber Giveaway Contest Entry

UPDATE: Winner has been announced on Facebook!

Welcome to our first lightsaber giveaway of the weekend!! 🎉🎊

This giveaway will be for our first exclusive Initiate Series! We wanted to have an affordable saber that has some updated stylings to add to our humble Initiate line. 

We generally like to give away our higher tier sabers since that will give a lucky fan a chance at something they might not want to spend so much on. To that end, since this is an Initiate, the winner will be upgraded to either a Xeno3 PixelBlade core or a ProffieBoard PixelBlade core - winner’s choice! 

Here are the rules for this giveaway:

To enter, comment on this post (at bottom of page - scroll past the comments)

Just say “Hello There”, or perhaps share with us your favorite lightsaber from all of Star Wars Fandom! 

The winner will be drawn at random from all entrants below. 

The winner will be emailed at the provided email address when you enter your comment below. Please note - your email address is not visible to anyone but Rebel Sabers Staff, and we will NOT be collecting your info. If you wish to join the newsletter - see bottom of page - we are giving away a Mystery Box Lightsaber to one lucky newsletter subscriber! 

The winner will be announced on a new FB & IG post with your name. We require the winner to respond to this post so we can verify your identity (to combat fake/multiple entries) and show all entrants it's a fair contest.

Let the Black Friday games begin! 🖤


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