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Black Friday Sales Event 2023!
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Black Friday Sales Event 2023!

It's that time again! Here's all the info for our Black Friday 2023 Sales Event:

Starting Thursday evening going through Monday night, we will have store-wide discounts on all lightsabers and lightsaber bundles - 10% OFF will be automatically applied at checkout - no need for discount codes! 

Any lightsaber sales during the sales event have a chance at having a custom wooden Rebel Sabers lightsaber box added to their order for free! We will be giving away single hilt wooden boxes and long boxes that can hold a few blades and hilts! 

On Facebook and Instagram we will be having contests that all can enter for a chance to win free lightsabers and more! 

In addition to giveaways and discounts, we'll be introducing some new lightsaber models for our store - including Exclusive designs we are SUPER excited about! We cannot wait to share our new hilts with all of you!

We hope you all had a great and wonderful thanksgiving. We are thankful for all of you Rebels - and giving away lightsabers as a show of our love for you guys is a blast! So don't miss out, join us all weekend long on our social media pages 🧡

May the Force be with you, always. 

UPDATE: The first lightsaber giveaway is LIVE!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER GIVEAWAY


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