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Monday Lightsaber Giveaway Entry
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Monday Lightsaber Giveaway Entry

UPDATE: Entries closed. Winner to be announced on FB & IG momentarily.  

Our final Lightsaber giveaway! 

To Enter:

First, make sure you liked the FB or IG post announcing the contest. That is mandatory to enter! 

Next, Scroll down past the comments (... keep scrolling) and enter your name (as it appears on your facebook or Instagram account) and your email (This is only visible to Rebel Sabers staff, and we don't collect any info).

Also add a comment. Please only add one comment. Winners are chosen from the Facebook and Instagram likes at random - and then we locate their comment, so don’t sweat duplicate comments - it doesn’t lower anyone’s odds of winning. But save our fingers and only input 1 please 🧡

Comment suggestion: Do you think Dave Filoni will do for the sequel series and redeem it in the fan's eyes, how he did for the prequal series with Clone Wars, etc?

Winner will be drawn at random and announced on Facebook and Instagram in a new post! This contest will run until Tuesday 11/28/2023 midday or so.  

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