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May the 4th Event incoming!
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May the 4th Event incoming!

Our annual May the 4th Star Wars Day sales event is incoming!

As always we will have lots of stuff to give away and some cool contests - HOWEVER we are changing up the venue this year. We will announce all giveaways on our facebook page as always, but the actual contests will be held within our new Rebel Sabers Community Facebook Group 

In an effort to combat all the spam and scams targetting our customers during our public page giveaways, we will move all contests and giveaways to the private facebook community group. This allows us to approve who joins - no more hive of scum and villainy! 

This also rewards our longtime fans and customers, as those who join our community will more likely to be the fans and customers who stick around with us year after year, instead of the ones who just show up for free stuff and disappear until next time.  We much prefer our real fans win our giveaways! And now its more likely than ever, and we won't be bothered by all the scam attempts that ruin the fun.


So join our Rebel Sabers Community Facebook Group today! The festivities begin Saturday!


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