We want you to be happy, not only with your lightsaber but your overall experience with Rebel Sabers. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, contact us so we can make it right. We offer refunds and a one time exchange to all customers. 

We are a small business and need to set policies to protect ourselves and our customers from high prices. To that end, here are our refund polices as well as exchange policy. Please read and understand these policies before purchasing, as by making a purchase, you agree to these policies as written below.  


If your order has not shipped and you need to cancel, please contact us so we can process your refund immediately and to prevent the order from shipping. There is no restock fees in this situation, but we reserve the right to withhold payment processing fees incurred by us, but upon request we will provide you a gift card of approximate value for your next purchase.

This allows us to freely cancel orders and allow "window shopping" and buyers remorse without us losing tons of money in processing fees for these types of refunds. The gift card assures you don't lose any money as well, as long as you make a purchase eventually. 

If the order has already shipped, then we can only authorize a refund once you’ve received the lightsaber. Contact us to get authorization to ship it to us in Kentucky. Once we receive the lightsaber in new condition, we will issue your refund. The saber must be in like-new condition with all materials and packaging it was originally sent with. We charge a 15% restock fee to cover processing fees and shipping and handling on these types of returns. 

All sabers have a 15 day no-questions-asked refund or exchange. From 15 days after receiving your order, you can return your like-new condition saber for a refund or exchange. Straight returns not due to damage/manufacturing errors/warranty issues are subject to a 15% restock fee to cover our costs (processing fees, shipping, handling).

Please Note: On request we can provide you with a gift card for that 15% restock fee - this assures you won't lose out on any money if you eventually make a purchase. We want to take care of our customers in this way - people who buy and refund never to return again simply cost us money, time and effort - but we don't want to penalize our actual customers - so we feel this gift card is the perfect way to handle these situations; Our actual customers lose nothing when we handle returns in this way. 

If you're taking advantage of our free saber exchange (also within 15 days), you will be charged or refunded the difference between your new saber choice. The buyer will be responsible for shipping and associated costs of returning the saber to us, and also will be responsible for the shipping for the new saber to the buyer (typically under $35).

Please package it appropriately - if it’s damaged in shipping due to poor packaging you may not get a full refund or exchange depending on the damage.

As noted, Shipping for the returns & exchanges (other than warranty issues) is the buyers responsibility. Please do NOT ship any saber to us unless you have authorization. Any saber shipped to us without authorization might not be counted as returned, and we won’t be responsible for these sabers. Please, get authorization first - this will eliminate any possibility of delay or lost sabers and having your refund denied. We have lots of packages coming and going, and this helps us avoid lost returns. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. 

Without authorization we do not know which sabers are returning to us and can both be lost/misplaced without a return authorization. This is why we cannot accept responsibility for any sabers returned without authorization. Please provide your order number on a piece of paper in your return. 

PLEASE NOTE: Be aware your shipment is coming and accept it from the shipper! Putting your phone number in the Shipping Information is KEY to being contacted by the shipper. They will attempt a few deliveries, and then return the package to a local pick up and hold for you to come receive it. If you do not in a few days, they will return to sender. 

If you fail to accept the package when it is shipped to you, it will be returned to us and a re-shipping fee to have it sent again will be necessary - our free shipping is only if the original shipment is accepted. If a refund is requested at this stage, you will receive a refund minus any shipping fees that were incurred due to the package being sent back to us/rerouted. 

So please, receive the shipment in time so we can avoid any unpleasant complications from this situation. If you need to change the address, there will be a fee required (this is the shipping companies policy and that fee will be passed onto the buyer).

International Orders:

Fees and Duty are the buyers responsibility, so please understand your own countries import fees and duty taxes. We cannot be responsible if you refuse a package because you didn't realize there would be fees associated with importing your purchase. In these cases, often it is too costly to have the saber returned and they destroy the package. We will work with you to get your package through customs/import facilities. However if you're non-responsive or don't handle your side of things and the package is destroyed, we will refund your partial purchase - we cover our costs first (shipping & our item cost) and refund you the difference. This is certainly not ideal for anyone involved so PLEASE - before purchasing outside the USA - make certain of your import fees and that they are acceptable to you, so you can accept the package and avoid a partial refund if you don't accept the package. We HATE when sabers have to be "destroyed" (more likely, some shipping dock worker has a new toy - may the Force be with them... -.- )

Sales Refunds

All sales are final. Our policy is no refunds during a sale. If you wish to receive a refund on a sale item, it will be processed once the sale has ended. This is to protect us so we can have fun flash sales and other impromptu bonuses without worry of cancelled sales to jump on other sales, or refunds from someone who purchased the item recently outsidse of the sale. It creates a lot of work for our small team, and ruins the opportunity to run exciting pop-up sales, not to mention all the processing fees we have to cover.

If you would like to exchange during mid-sale, we can do this. You will be refunded or charged the difference between the exchanged saber. To Clarify - this is if you've purchased during the sale and want to exchange to a different item during the same sale. For example, Maverick comes on sale, you purchase it. 3 hours later, a flash sale for Rebel's Hope pops up - and you REALLY wanted that one instead but it was previously outside your budget - you can exchange your Maverick for the Rebel's Hope without fees or waiting for the sale to end where you'd miss the Rebel's Hope sale price. 

When we say all sales are final - we generally just mean DURING a sale. You have full support/warranty on sales items and you can exchange/return them the same as other items - you'll just have to wait until the sale is over. 

Other Polices

No exchanges of Mystery Box sabers. They have 1 year warranty however, as all sabers do. But these come with special sabers you cannot find elsewhere on the site - it is in fact one of the points of the MB, this bonus at a chance at a saber like this - so we must implement a no-exchange for the Mystery Boxes. You must accept your fate! Please note: All mystery box sabers are worth more than the cost of the mystery box, and no sabers in the mystery box can be purchased for the cost of or less than the MB - each one is an outstanding value! 

 If you have any questions regarding these policies, please contact us prior to purchasing. We will do our best to serve you, that is our #1 goal - happy customers!

These polices are to prevent abuse and protect us in certain situations. We use these policies to make sure we treat all customers equally and in fairness.  MTFBWY!