August 20, 2020 1 min read

You asked for them to come back ever since they left, and now they have made a triumphant return to Rebel Sabers: MYSTERY BOXES!

This run of boxes includes sabers I don’t even sell on my website yet, and won’t until this saber run is finished. 

For $120 you’ll get a hand picked hilt from the pool of Apprentice series that cost at least $135, and even some Knight Series hilts have been added to the pool as well! And you might get the new unnamed saber, or one of the new finished for the Quicksilver - or possibly the super win: An upgrade to a Knight Series saber. 

We’ll sell em till they’re gone, then they’ll be gone until next time (which I promise won’t take months this time).  

Thanks for being the greatest customers in the galaxy!

Click HERE for a big mystery!

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