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New sabers designs incoming!

New sabers designs incoming!

We have a couple new sabers incoming I wanted to give you all a heads up about. 

First up we have the V2 Darksaber! We are thrilled the new storylines emerging that surround this saber and can’t wait to see what happens next! But until then, we will be bringing our Darksaber for that Mando/TCW/Rebels fix. 

Another design we will be bringing out features an exposed crystal chamber and looks really nice! This is just the first design with a crystal chamber we will be offering. 

These new sabers will arrive before the end of January so keep an eye out!

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Ryan Haines calendar_today

would love you forever if you made a mace windu saber please just got your darth maul staff and thoroughly enjoying and impressed with the quality and attention to detail and great prices, you guys are awesome and i can’t wait to see what you make next. you have a bright future ahead of you, thank you for making my 10 year old self proud. May the force be with you.

Tony B calendar_today

Looking forward to seeing the new hilts, hopefully we could get a Count Dooku & Palpatine inspired sabers in the future.

Ike Woodruff calendar_today

Maybe a Darth Malgus inspired saber???? Here’s hoping.

Estevan calendar_today

I can’t wait to see what the crystal one looks like

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