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New arrivals and incoming!
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New arrivals and incoming!

Hello there! We have recently added some new sabers to our offerings and I thought I'd take a moment to point some of those out, and let you know what's incoming. 

First the new arrivals: The Phantom Warden & the Mystic Knight. Both found in the Knight series. The Warden is a nice design that reminds me of imperial interiors - stark and all business, with a slight undertone of threat. 


The Mystic Knight is an exclusive design that we're excited about - it calls back to the High Republic in design, and features a stunning two-tone finish. This one is a pure joy to hold and do tricks with! We're bringing an upgrade package out for this saber in the near future that will feature a cross guard as well as a more traditional emitter for those that don't like the tsuba style emitter. 

We have two new designs incoming that have not been named yet. They feature our new handle style and each comes with a coupler built into the pommel so these can be combined into a staff. These will hit the website this week! You'll find them in the Knight and Apprentice series. 

Another new comer was first introduced in September's Mystery Box run, and some lucky MB purchasers received the first of these sabers. Now that the MB run is complete, we can offer these for everyone. It has a fang style emitter, and a nice pommel that calls back to Obi-Wan's Padawan saber. This also will hit this week! You'll fined this one in the Apprentice Line. 

Finally we have the new Quicksilver finishes, also first introduced in the Mystery Boxes. Now the quicksilver will have two more options in addition to silver: Shining Gold and Shining Black. These two finishes gives our best seller some new spark and I have to say, the shining finishes on these sabers is gorgeous! 

Check out out the new arrivals and keep an eye out for the incoming! 


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