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May the 4th Event Info
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May the 4th Event Info

Star Wars Day has arrived! 

Enjoy 15% off all lightsabers, use checkout code MAY4TH

Win amazing lightsabers, gift cards and accessories! All day we will be running contests and giveaways on our Rebel Sabers Community Facebook group. Join to enter the giveaways and get multiple chances to win lightsabers and more today! 

Today will also feature a Design-a-Saber contest; Entrants will share a drawing/painting/digital workup of a lightsaber of their own design. We will pick the top 3 and the community will vote on their favorite. The winner gets their saber made and gets a free Xenopixel version of their saber, and all other entrants are entered into a drawing for a free lightsaber! 

We will be giving away a lightsaber to the newsletter subscribers as well - so be sure to subscribe (all the way at bottom of page). 

All this goes down today: Join Us! -> Rebel Sabers Community <- Join Us!

May the Fourth be With You!

25 comments on May the 4th Event Info

  • Kraig D Miller
    Kraig D MillerMay 06, 2024

    I have never bought a saber. I grew up in Florence Yall..LOL when I do .I will be buying my very 1st one from you guys Ill be 53 June 1st So My plan is to treat myself .I have always wanted one. Inflation is making it harder for a lot of people to splurge on thing they want and not things they need! A few years back I had planned on takin my son to comic con The plan was to buy 2 sabers one for him & one for me that was going to be the extent of us dressing up! Well just 3 weeks later We were hit with a bomb shell He was diagnosed with cancer (Burkitt’s Lymphoma) He was only 5 at the time .So needless to say it was world shattering .We drained our bank accounts rapidly .When the money ran out so did his mom. She left us both .He was in ICU and she came to the door and tapped and i could see her face through the little window. I stepped out and she tells me She cant do it any longer. I was like do what? She said this . I have to get away. I hope the 2 of you pull through. I was like are you really doing this now? She said I have to for my own sanity . If I would have had a saber in the moment She would have Gotten the old Dart Maul treatment! LOL. Anyway all jokes aside I had to bury my rage for my little boy. She would not even come in the room to say goodbye. So fast forward a little bit the make a wish foundation reached out to us. I was hoping for a trip to Disney to The star wars area. However it was his wish not mine and he wanted to spend the day with Ironman.LOL so that’s what ewe did . So Needless to say I have been through some things .I feel like I deserve to get My saber LOL right? just saying So yes My 1st saber will hold a lot of meaning for me. So I’m going to do my best like I said My 1st will be from you guys. Anyway God Bless & May his Force be with You. Alwaysc KDM

  • Amos Ribeiro
    Amos RibeiroMay 05, 2024

    Happy 4th

  • Joseph Moran
    Joseph MoranMay 05, 2024

    You guys gave great customer service and sold me six lightsabers for my son’s wedding which took place yesterday 5/4/2024. The sabers were groomsmen gifts but many others wanted them and were a smash hit at the reception. My niece may have placed dibs on mine. I may have to giver her mine or possibly breakdown and get her one of her own. The custom engraving was the icing on the cake; thank you for helping make an otherwise memorable event even better!!

  • Crystal Walton
    Crystal WaltonMay 05, 2024

    Happy Star Wars weekend!!!!

  • Taelor
    TaelorMay 04, 2024

    Hello there.

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