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Customer Reviews and Comments
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Customer Reviews and Comments

Here's some of the feedback we've received from our customers about our service, our sabers and sometimes both! 

John S. 

I just received my Brawler Saber today, and I am unbelievably impressed with the quality. I was super skeptical because of the reasonable prices compared to other manufactures, but I am overjoyed with what I received. The construction is very solid, and you have a lot of confidence that it won't break the first time you play around with it. The colors are extremely bright, and the sound options are great.
I will 100% be ordering another saber very soon!! (facebook review)

Andrew P.

Beautiful hilt with a powerful speaker and one of the few companies I saw that came standard with an RGB color changer. Absolutely love the feel and the multiple sound fonts were a nice treat. (facebook review)

Abe E.

Super easy to work with and very nice product, the hilt is super easy to customize. I got an all black duelist and turned it into a worn silver hilt with black accents with some sandpaper and elbow grease. so anyone looking to get into saber DIY this is a great place to start (facebook review)

*Note: Abe sent us a pic of his work. It's awesome! You can see it on our facebook page or instagram. 

Dalton M. "You have dope sabers and you're such an awesome guy and its fast shipping too which I love so I don't have to wait months like [-competitor-]."

Frank M. "Seriously super easy to work with fast and friendly. Made a custom saber in no time. I'd send anyone here. I already told friends to check them out." (facebook review)

Grant L. "Thank you so much! Y’all by far have the best customer service!"

Dan M. "I appreciate your help & insight. Sounds like you have a great thing going there... we'll be back for more..."

Geran V. "I placed an order! Looking forward to getting it. Thanks for the help. Just from this one conversation you have outshined most other saber companies in customer service."

Jake T. "The saber is great, thank you so much!"

Andrew P. "I received my saber and I love it!"

Nicholas G. "Hey Will! I just received your saber and it's super awesome!"

Dan M. "Really happy. Thanks again... and we'll probably be ordering more sooner than later (I want one now)!"

Dalton M. - Via Video: "I love it!!!!" *Shakes lightsaber violently*

Andrew P. "I went with the mystery box and ended up with the Solstice. It has a weighty hilt, the speaker is loud, and the colors you get are very vibrant. Having wanted a fancy lightsaber for awhile now I'm very happy with what I got considering the price compared to other sites. A great saber that didn't make my wallet cry."

Jay R.

First off I'd like to say rebelsabers has some of the best customer service I've ever seen. due to the coronavirus and the resulting shipping delays, my saber was coming in waaay later than expected, but rebelsabers kept me up to date and was very friendly and helpful. even after I got my saber, I was having issues with understanding the different functions and even how to turn on my lightsaber, I thought I broke it, but rebelsabers was very understanding and helpful and sent me a list of all the different functions, alerting me that i needed to hold the button for 8 seconds to wake it up from "deep sleep" mode. the product its self was all around great, beautiful lights, beautiful sound, and extremely durable. I let my friend try some flourishes with it and he dropped it on his stone patio like 3/4 times, and all there was was a tiny chip in the hilt that I easily colored in with a black sharpie and it looked good as new. I was however a little disappointed that the saber I got is only capable of "light/medium combat" as I was expecting to actually be able to full on fuel with it, I was unaware that the higher grade sabers were the actual combat sabers, so it seems I will have to be buying from them again to get a higher grade saber. I have no problem with that though as like I said, it was a pleasant experience, and the product is very good. (facebook review)

*Note: Jay received an Initiate Series which has smaller blades and generally a more light-weight feel. We recommend light-medium dueling with those (and mention that in product description as well). All other sabers are full contact!

Justin H. 

If I had to rate the samurai pride lightsaber from 1 to 10 i give it a 10



17 comments on Customer Reviews and Comments

  • David I
    David IDecember 25, 2020

    This company is legit. Had a problem after charging emailed them on Christmas Day and got a response almost immediately problem solved! Kids happy on Christmas.

  • Ike Woodruff
    Ike WoodruffDecember 12, 2020

    I just can’t believe how incredible the Mystic Knight is. Solid, and definitely a quality build. The electronics are top notch. The balance is on point. And can I say, it is one of the most BEAUTIFUL sabers I own. Not to mention the excellent customer service. I will be adding more of your sabers to my collection and singing your praise to the saber community. Thanks again

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