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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Super Event
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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Super Event

We have a big event planned for the weekend of Black Friday! Starting Friday morning at 00:01 PST we officially kick off our event with our new bundles and special deals throughout the store. But that's just the start!

At least once every day of the event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday) we will be offering Flash Sales on some select sabers. Which sabers? Glad you asked! Before a Flash Sale begins, a post on our FaceBook Page will go up and anyone is welcome to comment and offer up their preferred saber to go on sale for the flash sale. Whichever saber has the most mentions will be chosen for that Flash Sale! I will post what that saber will be in both the Facebook thread and as well as in a special thread here in the news section. 

But that's not all! Also for each day of the event we will be doing some give-aways! There's two types of giveaways:

The first giveaway is for anyone who has made a lightsaber purchase that day, they are automatically entered into that days giveaway. Those winners will be announced in the Giveaway post in the News section.

The second giveaway is for our Facebook fans who have helped build our image and reputation by always liking and commenting on all our ads, posts, etc. We owe you all so much! So I'm going to give back with some Facebook giveaways as well. At least every day during the event I'll hold a giveaway on our Facebook page and to enter you simply need to comment on the thread! We might do a riddle, or some other silly thing but you don't need to play along. A simple raised hand emoji or "Hi" works. 

I truly wanted to make this Black Friday deal interesting and fun for everyone. Lightsabers are about having fun so I hope to bring a bit of joy to all our fans and customers, regardless if you decide to buy during this event or not (you should though, totally.)

MTFBWY, always. 




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