Rebel Sabers


Imperious: Baselit
Blade Length: 36" Blade

Acolyte of darkness, walking in the shadows. The agents in the shadows seek out those who they may bring to power to further their great cause. Using the darkside of the Force, they instill them with the power to unleash fury against those who would stand against them.

Imperious, saber for Acolytes of darkness, is designed after the artwork of Chris Gobin. Classic darkside colors of black and silver are accented with powerful reds and stoic greys producing a stunning saber of refined power. The control button controls the saber's functions with fluidity and style. The ported base to the emitter allows light through in a brilliant visual display. Overall a powerful saber design for those who truly seek to master their power with no restraints. 

This lightsaber features advanced electronic Saber Core Xeno3  - Empty hilts and ProffieBoard incoming soon!

Xeno3 Base Lit or PixelBlade Saber Core 

Xeno3 can be selected in either an economy Base Lit version or the advanced PixelBlade version. The Xeno3 Core features advanced saber controls and effects. Gesture controls to ignite or extinguish your saber with a flick of the wrist. Amazing high quality sounds and effects that replicate the movie magic. Smooth Swing that hums with every saber motion, and flairs to life the faster you move the saber. Drag - and - drop PC font management system allows to easily add your own sounds and effects. Comes pre-installed with many fonts and is ready to battle!

The PixelBlade version benefits from a blade that is filled with LEDS, so you can get truly movie-like effects like scrolling, flames, unstable blades, various ignition types, etc. 

The Saber Core is bundled in our all-in-one chassis that fits snug inside the hilt for secure electronics and battery - means no rattling or loose parts. This saber is ready for hard dueling!

Your saber comes fitted with a removable polycarbonate blades that are tough and able to withstand hard dueling, we guarantee it as all of our lightsabers have a 1-year dueling-ready warranty and free support for life. Rebel Sabers has you covered for worry free lightsaber shenanigans!