Rebel Sabers

XenoPixel Upgrade

Style: Upgrade Kit-Round Charge Port
Blade Length: 36" Blade

This will upgrade your base lit saber to a XenoPixel blade saber. It is an easy swap to change Saber Cores on our sabers, and we can walk you through the process. You will receive the Xeno Saber Core All-In-One Chassis to replace your current Base-Lit saber core. 

This upgrade includes a PixelBlade, which is filled with LEDs to allow spectacular movie-like effects like "scrolling" and location specific blaster deflections, etc. See video clip for example and to hear the quality of the sounds and effects.

The sound board comes equipped with many advanced effects including gestures for turning on the saber, and the user can add and remove sounds as they wish. The method is simplified over ProffieBoards and lets you customize the experience and add your favorite star wars themes and sounds from the various talented font makers out there! 


If you are purchasing a new saber with us, please choose the Xeno PixelBlade option on the saber's product page. This upgrade kit is for customers who already have one of our sabers and wish to upgrade their Base-Lit saber core to a Xeno Saber Core.