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Tuuka Cats

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Color: White

In the wilds of Lothal there roam adorable and inquisitive creatures that resemble cats, yet have somewhat chicken like legs. They are force sensitive creatures that live in symbiosis with the wolves of the wilds. Often found in the grasslands, these critters could be friendly, but will defend their own and are adept hunters. 

Due to some trade negotiations (they were short) we have a limited number of these fuzzy felines. We name ours Tuuka Cats, and they are ready for adoption!

These are hand made posable stuffed animals, however they are not suitable for young children as they have a delicate disposition. Please handle their feet with care, and when posing them, bend them from their fuzzy bodies. They will love to adorn your shelves and countertops, and take trips on your shoulder or backpack. 

Each Tuuka Cat comes with official adoption papers. Each one is hand made and unique, so variances in appearance exist. The pictures may or may not be the exact creature you receive.