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The Solo

Before the fall, there was the Solo. A master lightsaber with intricate design and inspiration. A piece of art held with the hand, the Solo is a lightsaber that invites further study and introspection. Don't be afraid to add this rare and historic lightsaber to your collection.

This saber comes with special sounds and effects like flash on clash, saber lock up, blaster deflect, and 6 sounds fonts plus volume control and blade mode toggle (Pulse, Unstable, Stable). With a powerful RGB LED, your blade will glow bright and strong in any color you choose, ready to switch on the fly. 

Your saber comes with a removable polycarbonate blade that is tough and able to withstand dueling.  

This lightsaber features:

  • Strong 1” Diameter, 36" Polycarbonate blade. Comes with hex wrench to remove blade from hilt for displaying hilt or carrying it on your belt.
  • RGB Color Changing LED for bright blades in any color you choose, on the fly.
  • Flash on Clash - when your lightsaber crashes into something it produces sound and blade effects.
  • Blaster Deflection - press the AV Switch to produce both sound and blade effects.
  • Saber Lock-Up - Can toggle to create blade and sound effects like when sabers are locked together.
  • 6 Sound Fonts - Cycle through six different sounds to customize your lightsaber.
  • Volume Control - Cycle between Loud, Soft and No sounds. 
  • Blade Mode - Cycle blade modes of Unstable, Stable and Pulse.
  • Internal Electronic Chassis - Keeps electronics protected in case of heavy dueling/drops/impacts.
  • Rechargeable Battery & USB Charging cord. 5v MAX
  • 1-Year Warranty - Quality by design, this lightsaber is built to last.