Rebel Sabers

The Relinquisher

Core: Base Lit
Blade Length: 36" Blade

1st Place Winner of our 2021 Saber Sketch Contest!  Design and lore by the artist Court 

As the final order of betrayal was executed, a small battle on a distant moon was taking place. The once loyal Troopers turned against their Warrior commanders, one Trooper resisted the will of the chip and refused to execute The Order. 

CC-2296 (known to his comrades as Ironside) and his Warrior commander managed to escape the heavy fire of the blaster rifles of their former friends and brothers in arms.

Not without consequences.

As Ironside’s Warrior commander lay dying in his arms he handed him his only possession, his lightsaber.
CC- 2296 removed his armor, the only identity he ever knew, knowing that any Trooper who defied the order was subject to execution. He attached the discarded pieces of his Trooper armor to his fallen Warrior’s lightsaber as a reminder of what he once stood for; A protector of Peace in the Galaxy.

This lightsaber features our advanced electronic Saber Cores, and you can choose from two options:

RGBx Base-Lit Saber Core Features: An RGB LED color cycle blade - choose any blade color on the fly! Eco Smooth Swing hums the lightsaber as you move it for realistic effects. In addition a full suite of sound and blade effects at your fingertips: Blaster block, flash on clash, saber lock up, volume control, unstable/stable/pulse blade modes and many sound fonts (saber sound modes) to choose from!

Xeno PixelBlade Saber Core Features: A PixelBlade, which is filled with LEDs to allow spectacular movie-like effects like "scrolling" and location specific blaster deflections, flame effects, unstable blades and more. The PixelBlade looks just like the movies and is extremely bright and can be set to any color you like! Also equipped with many advanced effects including gestures for turning on the saber and more advanced smooth swing effects to mimic the movie experience. Plus you can add and remove sounds as you wish by simple drag and drop which lets you customize the experience and add your favorite star wars themes and sounds from the various talented font makers out there! The saber comes with a pre-installed font package that has a great many sound fonts, so no need to tinker if you don't wish - It's ready to go and ready for battle! 

Both of these Saber Cores are bundled in our all-in-one chassis that fits snug inside the hilt for secure electronics and battery means no rattling or loose parts. This saber is ready for hard dueling!

Hilt Length: 13.7 inches

Your saber comes fitted with a removable polycarbonate blade that is tough and able to withstand hard dueling, we guarantee it as all of our lightsabers have a 1-year dueling-ready warranty and free support for life. Rebel Sabers has you covered for worry free lightsaber shenanigans!