Rebel Sabers

RS Mystery Box

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Title: USA

How does a discount, ready to ship and a surprise sound?

That's what's up with our Rebel Sabers Mystery Box. For $120 we'll send you a mystery saber from our Apprentice Series, with a minimum cost of $135.  Plus, there's a chance you could get a surprise visit from the Knight Series of sabers, as some choice hilts from this line have been added to the Mystery Box pool as well.

New for this run of mystery boxes are new sabers that are not available elsewhere on my website yet! We have the quicksilver in new finishes both gold and gunmetal, and a to be named saber joining the apprentice line after this box run finishes. 

All mystery box sabers have sound and effects plus an RGB color changing blade, 6 sound fonts, many effects and volume control as well as mute.

Any questions about our mystery box? Click on Message Us (lower right of screen) and we'll be happy to help.

$120 Available to US Residents. If you’re outside the US there may be a delivery fee. 

Pictured from left to right: Solstice, gold Quicksilver, Quicksilver, gunmetal Quicksilver, new unnamed saber, and the Black Rook. These and more are part of this mystery box run!