Rebel Sabers



When the last warrior passed on his knowledge and wisdom, his protege took his teachings and let them turn to darkness within. Rend is the manifestation of this hatred - bold and dark, this Quillon saber features a cross-guard hilt with unstable blades. Raw, unrefined power exudes from this dark hilt that demands a skilled swordsman to handle. The Rend is waiting for your to reach out and take it. Can you control it's dark will?

The Rend features exquisite detailing, bringing this dark lightsaber to life. Blued emitter ends on the cross guard reveal it's unhinged power, and exposed wires and internals show this saber was built from The Solo, the light side version of this lightsaber.

This saber comes only with our Xeno soundboard that drives an astounding Pixel blade.

XenoBoard PixelBlade: The XenoBoard & PixelBlade version is upgraded with the Xeno and a pixel blade to bring movie magic right into your hands. This upgraded board features everything the base-lit does, including more sound themes and effects. The blade effects in these sabers mimic the movies exactly, and offer effects like scrolling, flames, unstable, flickers, and more. The board also features the highly acclaimed Smooth Swing effects, which mimic the way the lightsabers sound when moved in the movies. In addition to all this, Xeno is customizable if you hook it up to your PC, you can add and change sound fonts/themes  

The Rend is rated for Heavy Dueling and has a 1 year warranty and free support for life.  

 Hilt Length: 11 inches