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The Apprentice who left the order, only to return as something free and different, ultimately moved on from the Katano saber, but not before solidifying her legacy in the order and galactic history. Her stories end is yet to be revealed, but yours lies wide open - grasp this lightsaber and follow in the footsteps of your destiny.

The Katano is an interesting design with a split emitter that goes all the way deep into the body, giving this saber a unique look and feel. The sideways bunny ears and button placement call to the Heirloom design, but with it's own unique flair. This saber is an excellent choice for the enthusiast of the female warrior that wielded it, or anyone who wants an amalgam of some other classic designs. 



This saber features either our RGB Eco Smooth Swing Soundboard for base lit sabers, or a ProffieBoard soundboard that drives an astounding Pixel blade.

RGB Eco Smooth Swing Soundboard Version: An RGB LED color cycle blade - choose any blade color on the fly! Our new soundboard which features 9 sound fonts (themes) and our Eco Smooth Swing  - super sensitive reactive swing matches your movements! 

A full suite of sound and blade effects at your fingertips: Blaster block, flash on clash, saber lock up, volume control, unstable/stable/pulse blade modes and more!

Bundled in our all-in-one chassis that fits snug inside the hilt for secure electronics and battery means no rattling or loose parts. This saber is ready for hard dueling!


ProffieBoard Version: The ProffieBoard & PixelBlade version is upgraded with the amazing ProffieBoard v2.2 and a pixel blade to bring movie magic right into your hands. This upgraded board features everything the base-lit does, including more sound themes and effects. The blade effects in these sabers mimic the movies exactly, and offer effects like scrolling, flames, unstable, flickers, and more. The board also features the highly acclaimed Smooth Swing effects, which mimic the way the lightsabers sound when moved in the movies. In addition to all this, ProffieBoard is customizable if you hook it up to your PC, you can add new themes, effects, or change settings. 

Both versions are rated for Heavy Dueling and have a 1 year warranty and free support for life.