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Hidden Hope

There's always been another hope, a Hidden Hope. In honor of our Princess, we are proud to present you with an homage to her dignified strength. The lines and finish of this lightsaber are exquisite and elegant, and a hint of style from her brother & his master's lightsabers bring some nostalgic flair to this classy design. 

Fitted with the amazing Proffieboard v2.2 and a Pixel Blade, not only does this beautiful saber look good, it sounds amazing and the blade effects with a pixel blade are stunning and bright! The Pixels are housed in a heavy grade blade for extra protection when dueling. Top it all off with Smooth Swing effects, the Hidden Hope is one of our favorite sabers to land here at Rebel Sabers. 

This saber comes with special sounds and effects like flash on clash, saber lock up, blaster deflect, and many sound fonts that you can customize, or add your own. This saber also features volume control and many blade effects and colors that can all be changed on the fly. 


This lightsaber features:

  • Strong 1” Diameter, 36" Polycarbonate pixel blade. Comes with hex wrench to remove blade from hilt for displaying hilt or carrying it on your belt.
  • Proffieboard v2.2 sound board - Excellent board with community support.
  • RGB Color Changing LEDs for bright blades in any color you choose, on the fly.
  • Flash on Clash - when your lightsaber crashes into something it produces sound and blade effects.
  • Blaster Deflection - press the button to produce both sound and blade effects.
  • Saber Lock-Up - Can toggle to create blade and sound effects like when sabers are locked together.
  • Many sound Fonts - Cycle through different sounds, or upload our own to customize your lightsaber.
  • Volume Control 
  • Settings Mode - adjust different effects and fonts!
  • Internal Electronic Chassis - Keeps electronics protected in case of heavy dueling/drops/impacts.
  • Rechargeable Battery & USB Charging cord. 5v MAX
  • 1-Year Warranty - Quality by design, this lightsaber is built to last.