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It is known that the crystal is the heart of the lightsaber. Heartsfire lives up to it's name with a flaming heart for all to see: An exposed crystal reveal chamber that features a beautiful lightsaber crystal that flares with light, the color matching your chosen blade color! 

A long handle form factor, this saber is a "hand and a half" style saber. With cutout emitter windows and the exposed chamber, this lightsaber sends brilliant light in all directions to stun foes during combat. 

A legendary lightsaber for the discerning duelist.


This saber features our RGB Eco Smooth Swing Soundboard for base lit sabers:

RGB Eco Smooth Swing Soundboard Version: An RGB LED color cycle blade - choose any blade color on the fly! (Crystal changes color to match the chosen blade color) Our new soundboard which features 9 sound fonts (themes) and our Eco Smooth Swing  - super sensitive reactive swing matches your movements! 

A full suite of sound and blade effects at your fingertips: Blaster block, flash on clash, saber lock up, volume control, unstable/stable/pulse blade modes and more!

Bundled in our all-in-one chassis that fits snug inside the hilt for secure electronics and battery means no rattling or loose parts. This saber is ready for hard dueling!

 The Heartsfire is rated for Heavy Dueling and has a 1 year warranty and free support for life.