Rebel Sabers

Dark Harbinger

Core: ProffieBoard 2.2 and PixelBlade

Dark Harbinger of the approaching storm.

Forged in the fires of hidden Sith strongholds, the Dark Harbinger exudes eldritch power.  Sith show strength in all they do, and this bold hilt is no exception.
The claw pommel cages a large crystal that lights up with your chosen blade color (cycle any color at will) and provides a good balance point for the heavy emitter and removable hand guard.

The handle highlights intricate insets with glowing button windows that shine your chosen blade color.

The top two window buttons control the saber’s functions. 
The extended emitter shines light through slotted windows and features an extended claw that flows gracefully into the hand guard - this section can be removed for a more streamlined look. 

This lightsaber features an advanced core fitted with the best lightsaber control board on the market: The ProffieBoard!

  • ProffieBoard 2.2 Saber Core Features::
    • PixelBlade filled with LEDs to allow spectacular movie-like effects like "scrolling" and location specific blaster deflections, flame effects, unstable blades and more.
    • PixelBlade looks just like the movies and is extremely bright and can be set to any color you like! 
    • Equipped with many advanced effects including:
      • Gestures for turning on and off the saber and selections
      • More advanced smooth swing effects to mimic the movie experience
      • Add and remove sounds as you wish which lets you customize the experience and add your favorite star wars themes and sounds from the various talented font makers out there!
      • The saber comes with a pre-installed font package that has a great many sound fonts, so no need to tinker if you don't wish - It's ready to go and ready for battle!
      • Tinkerer's Delight - ProffieBoard is THE board for those who want to program their lightsaber to do whatever they can imagine! 
      • Kill switch installed - switch off your core to preserve battery life. No need for a kill switch plug! Easy to access - remove pommel, slide lower core out, flip the switch!

This Saber Core is bundled in an all-in-one chassis that fits snug inside the hilt making for secure electronics and battery. This means no rattling or loose parts - This saber is ready for hard dueling!

Your saber comes fitted with a removable polycarbonate blade that is tough and able to withstand hard dueling, we guarantee it! All of our lightsabers have a 1-year dueling-ready warranty and free support for life. Rebel Sabers has you covered for worry free lightsaber shenanigans!

This awesome hilt was designed by our friend Adam John Wise