Rebel Sabers

Starforged Legacy

Set: Single Saber

Legendary Legacy     

The legacy of heroes of legend often become legends themselves. These Shan sabers feature aging and detailed etchings to bring the timeless elegance to life. They can be combined into a saberstaff with the coupler (included with bundle deal). 

These sabers can be purchased individually or as part of our Bundle Set

Your Starforged Legacy comes pre-installed with a proffieboard 2.2 chassis configured with a variety of fonts, effects and more! Proffieboard is considered one of the best lightsaber control boards on the market! It drives our PixelBlade for unrivaled brightness, durability and effects.

Your saber comes fitted with a removable polycarbonate blade that is tough and able to withstand hard dueling, we guarantee it as all of our lightsabers have a 1-year dueling-ready warranty and free support for life. Rebel Sabers has you covered for worry free lightsaber shenanigans!


Single Saber: Saber, Blade Plug, Blade, Battery, Charger, Tools

Bundle Set: Custom Wooden Rebel Sabers Box, Two Sabers, Coupler for staff, Two blades, Two Blade Plugs, Two Batteries, Two Chargers, Tools