Rebel Sabers


Core: Baselit
Color: Black
Blade Size: 36" Blade

The Stalwart is a great single handed saber, but has a nice knurling section for two handed antics. The Stalwart offers a strong one or two-handed design that harbors a secret; Two Stalwarts can combine into one fearsome Saber Staff using its coupler pommel. The Stalwart also sports many colors, and combining them with the RGB blade color system, you can create lots of different combos with these fun sabers! 

This lightsaber features our advanced electronic Saber Core, the RGBx Base-Lit Eco Smooth Swing Core.

 RGBx Base-Lit Saber Core Features: An RGB LED color cycle blade - choose any blade color on the fly! Eco Smooth Swing hums the lightsaber as you move it for realistic effects. In addition a full suite of sound and blade effects at your fingertips: Blaster block, flash on clash, saber lock up, volume control, unstable/stable/pulse blade modes and many sound fonts (saber sound modes) to choose from!

This Saber Core is bundled in our all-in-one chassis that fits snug inside the hilt for secure electronics and battery means no rattling or loose parts. This saber is ready for hard dueling!

Hilt Length: 10.6 inches

Your saber comes fitted with a removable polycarbonate blade that is tough and able to withstand hard dueling, we guarantee it as all of our lightsabers have a 1-year dueling-ready warranty and free support for life. Rebel Sabers has you covered for worry free lightsaber shenanigans!