April 14, 2021 1 min read

Back by popular demand, the Vigilante has returned! This design is once again available for sale. Thanks for waiting! 

We also introduce three new sabers available now: Light's Avenger, Scourge and Heartsfire


Heartsfire has our first exposed crystal hilt. The crystal showing will change color based on what color you choose for your blade, and changes with the blade. That's the saber featured in the picture of this post!


Scourge is a nice companion for the Jarkai Avenger, sharing the grip handle design. The Scourge has a built in cover tech wheel and an interesting angled emitter that gives a strong second hand grip for two-handed work. An overall agile, aggressive saber!


Finally we have the Light's Avenger. This is a "Skinny" version of the hidden hope - no thin neck, but similar grip and stylings. Fitted with our standard AV button, this thinner more streamlined version is perfect for hard dueling! It has a more masculine build as well, so if anyone liked the Hidden Hope but felt it too girly, check out the Light's Avenger! 

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