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The Solo | NeoPixel + ProSound Board

Before the fall, there was the Solo. A master lightsaber with intricate design and inspiration. A piece of art held with the hand, the Solo is a lightsaber that invites further study and introspection. Don't be afraid to add this rare and historic lightsaber to your collection. 

This version of the solo features a beautiful 288LED Pixel String housed in a 1", 3mm thick Dueling Blade. With the included Proffie board, you can have wonderful blade sounds & effects like scrolling ignition, localized lock-up, unstable blades and much more!

 This lightsaber features:

  • Dueling Strength 1” Diameter Polycarbonate blade with 3mm thick blade wall. 
  • NeoPixel Blade String for bright, amazing movie effects.
  • Proffie Board for professional sounds, effects and NeoPixel control
  • 1-Year Warranty – Quality by design, this lightsaber is built to last.


Lightsaber Specs:

Hilt:11.1 Inches Long
Blade: 2mm Thick, 1” Diameter, 36 Inches Length
Light: 288 LED NeoPixel String Blade
Speaker: 2 watts 4 ohm 
Battery: 3500mah 18650 3.7v
Sound Fonts: Unlimited with Proffie System
Color of Blade: Unlimited with Proffie System