The Beacon | ProffieBoard & Pixel Blade

Hunted by those who would squelch the light forever, the wielder of this saber was a beacon of resistance and defiance. Now you can continue the fight for the Order and wield this saber in defiance of those who would stand against the light. In contrast, the Shadow version of this saber represents those who would stand against the agents of light, and drive them from the galaxy.

This saber is upgraded over the Base-Lit version with a ProffieBoard v2.2 and a pixel blade. This combo allows the saber to produce movie-like effects and brightness, and the smooth swing will make you feel like you stepped right into a galaxy far, far away.  It's truly a magical experience. Also with the Proffie comes a large community that supports the open source proffieboard and provides fonts, effects, and lots of camaraderie.

 These are collector lightsabers you'll be proud to display, but with it's heavy grade pixel blade, this is no shelf queen - duelists welcome. 


This lightsaber features:

  • Heavy Dueling Strength 1” Diameter Polycarbonate heavy grade blade. Comes with hex wrench to remove blade from hilt for displaying Hilt.
  • Proffie Board v2.2 - Custom sounds & effects for the pro.
  • Internal Electronic Chassis - Keeps electronics protected in case of heavy dueling/drops/impacts.
  • 1-Year Warranty – Quality by design, this lightsaber is built to last.