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Vengeance | Double Bladed Staff

NOTE: Gunmetal version is now BLACK and is darker than in pictures.

In the great wars of the far distant past, those who would be wielders of justice overstepped their vows and became the darkness they feared. Echoes of this terrible deed have haunted the people of the dark warriors for ages. Now you can have your vengeance with this double bladed saber staff that can be divided into two dual-wielding blades. Let them come two at a time, you'll be prepared!

This beast of a saber comes with either our 9 font RGB sound board with 360 degree swing, or NeoPixel version with a Proffieboard v2.2 and both features RGB blade color changing system; Change your blade to any color you like at any time, flash on clash, saber lock up and blaster deflect.

This product is TWO sabers that can be joined together or dual wielded. Got a friend who has no saber? No problem, separate your staff and now you both can duel for the fates. 

UPGRADE to a NEOPIXEL Blade for spectacular effects and unparalleled brightness. Be sure to select which you want before checking out - $540 is NEOPIXEL option. 

This lightsaber features:

  • Dueling Strength 1” Diameter Polycarbonate blade. Comes with hex wrench to remove blade from hilt for displaying Hilt or carrying it on your belt.
  • Two sabers in 1!
  • RGB Color Changing LED for bright blades in any color you choose.
  • Flash on Clash - when your lightsaber crashes into something it produces sound and blade effects.
  • Button Press Blaster Deflection - press the AV Switch to produce both sound and blade effects.
  • Saber Lock-Up - Can toggle to create blade and sound effects like when sabers are locked together.
  • Proffieboard v2.2 Sound & Effects Board for movie like experiences on NeoPixel version
  • Internal Electronic Chassis - Keeps electronics protected in case of heavy dueling/drops/impacts.
  • 1-Year Total Coverage Warranty - Enjoy your lightsaber without worry, we've got you covered!