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Heirloom | ProffieBoard & Pixel Blade

This heirloom was thought lost in the clouds, but this revered saber returns with a precision accuracy build to entice your senses. Your ears will light up at the Proffie Sound Board - you can upload your own sound fonts found online, or enjoy the pre-loaded sounds.

The Heirloom NeoPixel features a beautiful 288LED Pixel String housed in a 1", 3mm thick Dueling Blade. With the included Proffie board, you can have wonderful blade sounds & effects like scrolling ignition, localized lock-up, unstable blades and much more!

Intricate details down to original markings from the films, this is a collector lightsaber you'll be proud to display, but with it's strong 1" heavy grade blade, it's not only a shelf queen - Duelists welcome.


This lightsaber features:

  • Heavy Dueling Strength 1” Diameter Polycarbonate heavy grade blade. Comes with hex wrench to remove blade from hilt for displaying Hilt.
  • Proffie Sound Board v2.2 - Custom sounds & effects for the pro.
  • 288 LED NeoPixel String Blade
  • Internal Electronic Chassis - Keeps electronics protected in case of heavy dueling/drops/impacts.
  • Control Box controls the saber!
  • 1-Year Warranty – Quality by design, this lightsaber is built to last.